Oh my goodness...grab a drink or two and take a gander at this ridiculously cute couple's engagement session. It took me SO long to pick out which ones to post. Seriously, they're all so wonderful! It was an honor when Harrison & Carly asked me to take their engagement portraits. I absolutely adore these two, and will jump on any chance to hang with them. We started off shooting downtown, and then it started raining so we popped into Legends Brewery and had a beer. After the rain passed we went exploring around the Manchester Bridge and Harrison told inappropriate jokes to keep Carly giggling. This couple is the ultimate amount of happy and totally in love. I am going to really miss them when they move to Detroit in a couple months. I am very happy to share these with you! Check back soon for the second installment of their portraits. I have the feeling I'm going to have the same problem picking out the best shots of those as well!